What does sleep momentum mean?

Modified on Thu, 13 Apr 2023 at 03:30 PM

Sleep momentum, also known as sleep continuity, is a measure of the number of sleep runs and their durations in a given sleep session. A sleep run is defined as the period between sleep onset and  a transition to awakeness. Sleep continuity provides a measure of how well an individual stays asleep throughout the night, where higher values indicate less interrupted sleep.

A fragmented or disrupted night’s sleep can lead to an inability to reach deep and REM sleep and a reduction in total sleep time. Reduced sleep continuity may result in an increased subjective sleepiness and decreased cognitive performance, including reduced short-term memory and vigilance, a worsened mood and a slower reaction time. One of the most common causes of poor sleep continuity is sleep apnea.

  • > 0.85: (Excellent)

  • 0.75 - 85: (Fair)

  • < 0.75: (Poor)

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