What does circadian rhythm and window mean?

Modified on Thu, 13 Apr, 2023 at 3:25 PM

Circadian rhythm refers to the natural and internal processes that regulate the sleep-wake cycle. This cycle repeats itself approximately every 24 hours and can include any physical, mental, and behavioral changes that occur within this 24-hour window.

Circadian window is the 12 hour period that begins at your average sleep start time over the last 30 days. Your circadian window is specific to you  and is calibrated to your baseline physiology. 

Someone can look at their circadian sleep window to see where your core sleep should ideally fall in, in order to achieve the most restorative sleep.

Your circadian sleep window compliance refers to how well your core sleep aligns with your circadian sleep window. If your core sleep aligns well with your circadian window, this translates to have a high level of sleep regularity, which in turn is a predictor of healthy sleep. The compliance is rated as follows:

  • Less than 45 min variation: Excellent 

  • 45-89 min variation: Fair

  • 90 min and higher variation: Poor

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