User guidelines for the Moto Watch 100 and Moto Watch App

Modified on Sat, 16 Dec, 2023 at 12:04 AM


Data from your Moto Watch 100 syncs to LifeQ Health via the Moto Watch App.  

The Moto Watch App automatically syncs data every 30 minutes if it is within Bluetooth range of your phone. If it is not within range or disconnected, it will sync within 30 minutes of reestablishing the connection. Note that the Moto Watch 100 only has capacity to store about 36 hours' of data on the watch. After 36 hors older data will be deleted from the watch if not synced. 

If you find that your data is not syncing and visible in LifeQ Health, please visit this page for troubleshooting tips. 

App Updates

Your app will update automatically via the App Store if your settings allow for automatic updates. To ensure the best user experience, please ensure that you always accept updates. 

Wearable Maintenance

The sensor on the underside of the wearable face may become clogged with dirt. This results in poor signal quality or even no data if it gets too obstructed.

Gently clean the sensor with a cotton bud and isopropyl alcohol (surgical spirits). If not available, wet the cotton bud with lightly-soaped water and gently rub the center window until the debris is removed.

For more tips and FAQs on your device setup, visit the Moto Watch 100 Knowledge Base.  

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