What is a nap?

Modified on Thu, 13 Apr 2023 at 03:27 PM

Naps are sleep sessions that last between 15-40 minutes and fall outside your core sleep. 
Naps are typically a compensatory mechanism to improve total sleep time and can be beneficial in some cases. Many people report feeling refreshed and alert after a “power nap”. 

However, an increased need to nap may indicate poor core sleep quality which needs to be addressed. In addition, napping too much may disrupt your circadian rhythm — the natural internal clock that regulates your sleep-wake cycles and many other physiological functions and processes that repeat roughly every 24 hours.

Your number of naps are reported in 24-hour cycles and are categorized as:

  • No naps: Excellent

  • 1 nap: Fair

  • 2 or more naps: Poor

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