Why won't my Skagen Falster Gen 6 sync?

Modified on Fri, 02 Jun 2023 at 05:23 PM

It could be one of the following reasons:

Not yet paired to your phone

How to set up your Fossil / Skagen

Outside Bluetooth Range
The watch may be disconnecting if moved outside of the phone’s Bluetooth range. Bluetooth range is 10 meters (30 feet) if there are no doors, walls, or other obstacles between the phone and the watch.

Bluetooth Switched off
Bluetooth may be disabled on the phone. The app will notify you that Bluetooth is not on and will ask to turn it on. Try enabling Bluetooth on your phone using the phone’s Bluetooth settings. If it is already enabled, try turning Bluetooth off and on.

Missing Permissions

On your wearable > Settings > Apps & Notifications > App permissions > System Apps > LifeQ Envoy > make sure all 3 permissions are enabled (blue dot showing)

On your phone: 

Settings, scroll down on the main screen to > WearOS app > Select it > It will open this screen > Ensure all the settings match the below.
Settings > Apps > Scroll down to Wear OS by Google > It will open this screen > Ensure all the settings match the below.

On your wearable device:

On your wearable > LifeQ Envoy > Settings > Device Information > Scroll down and check that your sensor settings match the below.

If not, tap once to switch the setting.


On your wearable, turn off airplane mode

Restart your wearable

Restart your phone

On your phone, open the Wear OS app (check if it shows as Connected via Bluetooth)

If yes, on your wearable > Envoy > Settings > Device Information > Start sync

If not, please turn your phone's Bluetooth off for 1 minute and turn it back on and try again to connect via Wear OS App.


Is your phone time the same as the timezone you're currently in?

If no, please make sure your phone is in the same timezone as you are.

Is your watch time the same as the timezone you're currently in?

If no, on your wearable > Settings > System > Date & Time > deselect Automatic options and manually set the time to the correct time. 

Once correct for the timezone you're in open your Wear OS App and see if it's connected. 

If yes, trigger a manual sync on your wearable > Envoy > Settings > Device Information > Start Sync

Once the sync has completed switch back to Automatic date and timezone enabled and make sure your watch and phone are on the correct time, date, and timezone. 

If none of the above work, please check on your wearable > Envoy > Settings > Device Information > Scroll down and check what the 'Last known sync error message' is. Take a photo and email it to support@lifeq.com and we'll be glad to assist further.


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